Knox Summer Fellowship

The Knox Summer Fellowship program started under the leadership of Rev. Dr. William Fitch, after the Knox Fellowship Center was constructed in 1961. Our earliest tape recordings of the Summer Fellowship date back to 1979. The program brought in renowned speakers for Wednesday evening services throughout the summer months. Each year, a different topic would be wrestled with by pastors and congregants alike, as described by the Series Titles below.

YearSeries TitleFocus TextsBrochures
2010Cities of God: The Christian Calling to Urban Life
2009Seeing Ourselves as God Sees Us
2008Great Nights of the BibleSummer Fellowship 2008
2007Images of GodSummer Fellowship 2007
2006Lord Teach Us to Pray
2005Singing in the Reign
2004The God Who CaresPsalm
2003Questions Jesus AskedMark
2002Christian Community: Life Together Under the Word
2001The Great Escapes
2000Following the Real Jesus
1999The Church in the Third Millennium
1998So Great a Salvation
1997The Cross of Christ
1996The Christian’s Spiritual Conflict and Final Victory
1995Studying the Revelation – Series IIRevelation
1994Studying the Revelation – Series IRevelation
1993About the Holy Spirit
1992Knowing Christ
1991Balanced Christianity
1990Rediscovering God
1989Psalm for All SeasonsPsalm
1988The Apostles’ Creed
1987Following Jesus Today
1986The Early Church: Its Emergence and ProgressActs
1985The Holy Spirit: Aspects of His Person and Work
1984God Calling His Servants
1983The God with Whom We Have to Do
1982The Bible: God’s Word Written
1981The Great Chapters of the Bible
1980The Balanced Christian Life
1979The Minor Prophets