The Knox Sermon Archive is a digital museum of the decades of recorded sermons at Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto. Through the years, Knox’s legacy of talented ministers and other profound guest speakers have imparted timeless wisdom from the Gospel that’s more relevant now than ever. Our goal is to preserve these messages online so they may be shared with the Knox community, and the world.

If you are interested in learning more about Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto and its community please visit our home website at knoxtoronto.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can sermons on the Knox Sermon Archive be used?
The primary mission of the Knox Sermon Archive is to spread the Gospel and we hope that our visitors can benefit from the fruitful wisdom of Knox’s many talented ministers. Sermons on the Knox Sermon Archive, however, are not to be reproduced, distributed, or rebroadcast without permission from Knox Church. Contact us at info@knoxtoronto.org for any inquiries.

Are new sermons included on Knox Sermon Archive?
The archive currently includes all available recorded sermons at Knox from the 1960’s, up to the end of 2021. For the most recent sermons at Knox, please visit our SoundCloud site or YouTube site, or where our Sunday messages are uploaded weekly.

How do I find specific sermons or series?
The two methods of searching for and locating sermons and series are through the Browse Archive tab, and the Series List tab. For detailed information on how to use these tools, please visit our User Guide. The Series List page is also a helpful tool for searching for series.

Why are there messages missing within some series?
Unfortunately, not all sermons were recorded. In other cases, the technology the audio was originally stored on (the vast majority of them being cassette tapes) may have eroded over time before they had been digitized. Editing work has been done to each individual sermon to restore as many recordings as possible.

Can I contribute to the site?
We do not have a direct electronic method to give towards Knox Sermon Archive at this time. If you are inspired to give, however, Knox church’s home website has various options at knoxtoronto.org/give.