Main Sunday Series

This list includes all of the series in our database preached during Knox’s regular Sunday morning and evening services. Our goal is to present the big picture of series over time, with the most important information available at a glance. We hope this organization makes it easier to browse or look for specific topics among the hundreds of series in the database.

This series list begins in 1974 when consistent recording of Sunday sermons began, during the pastorate of J. Glyn Owen. New sermon series will be archived in the Knox Sermon Archive database, and added to the series lists periodically.

YearSeries TitleFeatured SpeakersFocus Texts
2021Giving in Our WaitingN. Renaud, N. AbdonLuke, Various
2021Beloved CommunityN. RenaudJohn, Acts
2021Faith and WorkVariousVarious
2021Vision SeriesN. Renaud, N. AbdonVarious
2021A Living Hope (Summer Series 2021)N. Renaud1 Peter
2021Good News For the Whole WorldN. Renaud, L. S. BeardyLuke, Acts, Romans
2021Stories Before the CrossN. Renaud, S. Kendall, W. Gibbs, E. Acolatse Matthew, Luke
2021Called to ChangeN. RenaudMark, Luke, John
2020A People Who WaitVariousVarious
2020Faith That WorksP. Reinders, N. RenaudJames
2020Pandemic Practices and Holy HabitsP. Reinders, N. RenaudVarious
2020Mourning into Dancing (Summer Series 2020)VariousVarious
2020Revelation: The Unveiling of HopeP. Reinders, N. RenaudRevelation
2020Giving It UpN. Renaud, P. Reinders, P. JohansenIsaiah
2020The Miracles of JesusN. Renaud, P. ReindersJohn, Mark, Matthew
2019Coming Home for ChristmasP. Reinders, N. Renaud, A. CampbellRuth
2019The Apostles’ CreedP. Reinders, N. RenaudVarious
2019All in for JesusP. Reinders, N. RenaudMark, Colossians, Leviticus
2019The Minor Prophets (Summer Series 2019)VariousVarious
2019The Practices of JesusP. Reinders, N. RenaudVarious
2019LentP. Reinders, N. RenaudLuke
2019Stewarding ConflictP. Reinders, N. RenaudMatthew, Various
2018ActsP. Reinders, P. Johansen, N. RenaudActs
2018Isaiah’s Servant SongsP. Reinders, P. JohansenIsaiah, John
2018The Shepherd KingP. Reinders1 Samuel, Psalm, Luke, John
2017Light into DarknessP. ReindersJohn
2017Ready for MoreP. ReindersVarious
2017Who Are We as a Church?P. ReindersLuke, Leviticus
2017Alpha Questions (Summer Series 2017)VariousVarious
2017WorshipP. ReindersVarious
2017The Crucifixion: Meditating on the Bigger PictureF. Rutledge, P. ReindersVarious
2016Reading Esther: Hopeful PracticeP. Johansen, P. Reinders, N. RenaudEsther
2016Following JesusP. ReindersLuke, Mark
2016What is the Gospel? (Summer Series 2016)VariousVarious
2016EphesiansP. Reinders, P. JohansenEphesians, 2 Kings, Romans
2016Glittering VicesP. Reinders, P. JohansenVarious
2015PrayerP. Reinders, P. JohansenPsalm
2015A Time for Everything (Summer Series 2015)VariousVarious
2015The Seven Last Sayings of ChristP. Reinders, P. JohansenLuke, John, Mark
2015The Gospel of JohnP. Reinders, P. JohansenJohn
2014What is the Spirit Saying to the Church? (Summer Series 2014)VariousVarious
2014Holy ConversationsP. ReindersJohn, Psalm, Genesis, Acts
2014Our VisionP. ReindersActs, Jonah, Mark
2013The King’s SpeechP. Reinders, P. JohansenMatthew
2013Knox’s VisionP. ReindersLuke, Acts, Jonah, Colossians
2013Psalms (Summer Series 2013)VariousPsalm, Luke
2013Studies in 1 PeterP. Reinders1 Peter
2013Strangers in a Strange LandP. Reinders, P. JohansenDaniel
2012Jesus’ Family TreeP. ReindersMatthew, Genesis, Joshua, 2 Samuel
2012ExileP. ReindersJeremiah
2012Prayer and RenewalP. ReindersGenesis, Exodus, Psalm, Luke, Mark
2012Written on Your Heart (Summer Series 2012)VariousVarious
2012Formed by GodP. JohansenGenesis, Psalm, Jeremiah, 1 Peter
2012The Story of GodP. Reinders, P. JohansenGenesis, Revelation
2012Cross WalkingP. Reinders, P. JohansenMatthew, Mark, Luke
2012Studies in FaithP. JohansenMark, Luke, Hebrews
2011Responding to the IncarnationP. JohansenMatthew, Mark, Luke, Ruth
2011Studies in PsalmsP. JohansenPsalm
2011Resurrection ResourcesP. JohansenLuke
2011A Time to be Quiet: Exploring Silence, Secrets and Suffering in Mark’s GospelP. JohansenMark
2011Mary’s Discipleship and the Nurture of Jesus’ CallingP. JohansenMark, Luke, John
2011People Shaping 101: One to One Skills for Nurturing LifeP. JohansenJohn
2010The Ways the Word Comes to UsP. JohansenVarious
2010Living the WordP. JohansenPsalm, Matthew, Colossians, 2 Timothy
2010The Scottish ReformationD. MacLeodJohn, Habakkuk
2010The Ultimate AdventureJ. ArchibaldGenesis, Luke
2010Postcards from ParadiseJ. ArchibaldIsaiah, Revelation
2010Lenten JourneyVariousMatthew, Joshua, Romans, John
2010What is God Like?G. RyaanLuke, Hebrews
2009The Songs of ChristmasK. LivingstonLuke
2009God’s New Community: The Message of EphesiansK. LivingstonEphesians
2009Creed and Counter Culture: Living like the Apostles in the City of TorontoVariousMatthew, Acts
2009How do We Come to Know God?K. LivingstonIsaiah, Luke, Revelation
2009Remembering the FaithK. LivingstonVarious
2008Tough Love: Studies in JeremiahK. LivingstonJeremiah
2008The World’s Greatest Talk: The Sermon on the MountK. LivingstonMatthew
2008Studies in Luke: Themes of GraceK. LivingstonLuke
2008Eating and Drinking with JesusK. Livingston, A. MacLeodJohn
2008Paradoxes of the GospelK. LivingstonPhilippians, Luke, 2 Corinthians
2008Anatomy of the Soul: Studies in the PsalmsVariousPsalm
2008Extreme Makeover: How God Transforms UsK. LivingstonRomans
2008Questions Jesus AskedK. LivingstonMark
200840 Days of PurposeK. LivingstonVarious
2008Praying with the Celtic ChristiansK. Livingston1 Thessalonians, Matthew, John
2008Love, Sex and the Whole Person: Biblical Sexuality in Six ScenesK. LivingstonVarious
2007In the Beginning Was the WordK. LivingstonGenesis, Isaiah, John
2007Studies in 2nd PeterK. Livingston2 Peter
2007Christ the Mediator of God’s GraceK. LivingstonHebrews
2007A Complicated CallingK. LivingstonJonah
2007Portals to Another World: The Parables of JesusK. LivingstonMatthew, Mark, Luke, Isaiah
2007Keeping God FirstW. HancockHaggai
2007Living the GospelK. LivingstonActs, 1 Thessalonians, Romans
2007A Church’s New Year’s ResolutionK. LivingstonRomans
2006The Triumph of GodK. LivingstonRevelation
2006The Spreading FlameK. LivingstonActs
2006A Life Worth LivingK. LivingstonPhilippians
2006Ministry and Leadership at KnoxK. LivingstonVarious
2006Abraham and the Journey of FaithK. LivingstonGenesis, Galatians, Matthew
2006GenesisK. LivingstonGenesis
2006The Alternative CommunityK. LivingstonGenesis, John, Acts, 1 Peter
2006Jesus and The Da Vinci CodeK. Livingston1 Peter, Colossians
2005Becoming People of IntegrityK. LivingstonVarious
2005RuthK. LivingstonRuth
2005Ecclesiastes: Asking the Hard QuestionsK. LivingstonEcclesiastes
2005Laws that LiberateVariousExodus
2005Joy in All SeasonsW. HancockPhilippians
2005The Need for RootsK. LivingstonVarious
2005Faithful Living in a Foreign LandK. LivingstonDaniel
2005Getting Our View RightK. LivingstonVarious
2004Advent in Three TensesK. LivingstonIsaiah
2004GalatiansK. LivingstonGalatians
2004Building Healthy FriendshipsW. Hancock1 John, Ephesians
2004The Book of JamesVariousJames
2004Meeting Jesus in Mark’s GospelK. LivingstonMark
2004JonahK. LivingstonJonah
2004Core Commitment SeriesK. LivingstonVarious
2004God’s GuidanceK. LivingstonVarious
20041st Corinthians 15K. Livingston, A. MacLeod1 Corinthians
2003Exodus and Our Spiritual JourneyK. LivingstonExodus
2003Looking at 1st CorinthiansK. Livingston1 Corinthians
2003The QuestionJ. HongJob
2003Words from the CrossK. LivingstonLuke, John, Matthew
2002Preparing the WayK. LivingstonIsaiah
2002RomansK. LivingstonRomans
2002Developing Spiritual CharacterK. LivingstonMatthew
2002Back to BasicsK. Livingston, W. Hancock1 John
2002Intercessory PrayerK. LivingstonVarious
2002Resurrection AppearancesK. LivingstonJohn
2002Women and WorshipK. LivingstonJohn, Acts
2002Getting Our View of the Church RightK. LivingstonVarious
2001The Book of MalachiK. LivingstonMalachi
2001Jesus PraysW. HancockJohn
2001Sermon on the MountK. LivingstonMatthew, Leviticus
2000Seeing Ourselves as God Sees UsK. LivingstonVarious
2000The Book of 1st ThessaloniansK. Livingston1 Thessalonians
2000The Book of RuthK. LivingstonRuth
2000The Spirit of GodC. NieuwhofVarious
2000Questions People AskV. ShepherdVarious
1999Hebrews 12W. HancockHebrews
1999The Book of JudeM. DiGangiJude
1999PsalmJ. VissersPsalm
1999The Book of 1st PeterJ. Vissers1 Peter
1999The Ten CommandmentsJ. VissersExodus, Ephesians, Matthew
1998Christmas EncountersJ. VissersLuke, Matthew
1998The Armour of GodJ. VissersEphesians
1998The Book of HabakkukW. HancockHabakkuk
1998Letters From JesusJ. VissersRevelation
1997The Apostles’ CreedJ. VissersVarious
1997Studies in JohnJ. VissersJohn
1997The Book of PhilemonM. DiGangiPhilemon
1997New Covenant MinistryI. Rennie2 Corinthians
1997Crucial EncounterJ. VissersJohn, Matthew
1997Learning From NehemiahJ. VissersNehemiah
1997Finding the Fullness of LifeJ. VissersColossians
1996Great ExpectationsJ. VissersVarious
1996The BeginningN. CameronGenesis
1996Running From GodJ. VissersJonah, Ephesians
1996The Lord’s PrayerJ. VissersVarious
1996The Book of 2nd TimothyM. DiGangi2 Timothy
1996Words From the CrossJ. VissersMark, Luke, John
1996The Parables of JesusJ. VissersMatthew, Mark, Luke
1995Portraits of HappinessJ. VissersMatthew
1995Creating Christian CommunityJ. VissersEphesians
1995Psalm – Standing on Solid GroundJ. VissersPsalm
1995Surprised by JoyJ. VissersActs, Philippians
1995ChurchM. DiGangi1 Corinthians, Ephesians
1994Encounters with GodA. McCombieActs
1994Name by Which He is KnownA. McCombieJohn, Isaiah, Luke
1994The Call of JeremiahD. ScottJeremiah
1994Lord of Life and DeathE. McKinlayJohn, Acts
1994Resurrection AppearancesE. McKinlayJohn
1994BeatitudesA. McCombieLuke
1993Turning the World Upside DownC. CookJohn, Exodus
1993Mark 4I. RennieMark
1993Life After DeathI. RennieVarious
1993The Book of HaggaiM. DiGangiHaggai
1993Hebrews 12M. DiGangiHebrews
1992WitnessD. BaconActs
1992The KingdomA. McCombieVarious
1992Jesus and the Samaritan WomanA. McCombieJohn
1992The Book of TitusM. DiGangiTitus
1992Christ of the AgesA. McCombieMatthew, Joshua, John
1992Resurrection AppearancesA. McCombieLuke, John
1992John 15A. McCombieJohn
1992The ChurchI. RennieVarious
1992The Book of MarkI. RennieMark
1992The Book of 2nd PeterM. DiGangi2 Peter
1992John 17M. DiGangiJohn
1991The Christ ChildM. DiGangiVarious
1991Hymns of the Ancient ChurchM. DiGangiMatthew, John, James, Romans
1991Matthew 11M. DiGangiMatthew
1991Romans 10-13M. DiGangiRomans
1991Psalms for SummerM. DiGangiPsalm, James
1991Teachings of JesusM. DiGangiMatthew, Mark
1991Great Questions of LifeA. McCombieVarious
1991The Characters of ChristM. DiGangiMatthew
1991Studies in the Human ConditionM. DiGangiVarious
1991Romans 8M. DiGangiRomans
1991The Book of 1st ThessaloniansM. DiGangi, A. McCombie1 Thessalonians
1991The Book of 2nd ThessaloniansM. DiGangi2 Thessalonians
1991The Book of JohnM. DiGangi, A. McCombieJohn
1990Our Nativity SceneM. DiGangiLuke, Matthew
1990The Jonah StoryM. DiGangiJonah
1990ChroniclesM. DiGangi1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles
1990The Book of 1st JohnM. DiGangi1 John
1990The Book of ColossiansA. McCombieColossians
1990People in the BibleA. McCombie, M. DiGangiGenesis, Various
1990The Lord’s PrayerM. DiGangiMatthew
1990Living by the SpiritM. DiGangiGalatians
1990The CommandmentsM. DiGangi, A. McCombieExodus, Various
1989The Book of LukeM. DiGangi, A. McCombieLuke
1989RomansM. DiGangiRomans
1989MalachiM. DiGangiMalachi
1989Song of Songs & 1st JohnM. DiGangiSong of Songs, 1 John
1989JudeM. DiGangiJude
1989Life-Changing EncountersA. McCombieActs, John
1989DeuteronomyM. DiGangiDeuteronomy
1989ActsM. DiGangiActs
1989JoshuaM. DiGangiJoshua
1989The Cross and Christian…M. DiGangiVarious
1989PhilemonM. DiGangiPhilemon
1989MarkM. DiGangiMark
1988ChristM. DiGangiDeuteronomy, Acts, Hebrews, Luke
1988What Goes into Your Mind When We Think About God?A. McCombiePsalm, Isaiah, 1 John, Ephesians
1988The Sufferings of ChristM. DiGangiIsaiah
1988Colossians: Understanding God’s GraceM. DiGangiColossians
1988Life Worthy of the GospelM. DiGangiPhilippians, Exodus, Acts, 2 Corinthians
1987Our Reformation HeritageM. DiGangi2 Timothy, Romans, Ephesians, 1 Peter
1987RevelationM. DiGangiRevelation
1987God of All ComfortM. DiGangi2 Corinthians
1987Building Love: Giving LifeA. McCombie1 John
1987God’s PeopleJ. Voelkel1 Peter
1987Samuel Who Called on God’s NameD. MacLeod1 Samuel
1987Faith That PrevailsD. MacLeod1 Peter
1987The Lord’s PrayerE. AlexanderMatthew
1986The Expansion of the Early ChurchD. MacLeodActs
1986Godliness in Working ClothesD. MacLeodProverbs
1986Living as the Children of GodJ. G. OwenMatthew
1986TitusD. MacLeodTitus
1986MosesD. MacLeodExodus
1986Messianic PsalmsD. MacLeodPsalm
1986Cries from CalvaryD. MacLeodLuke, John, Mark
1985RevelationD. MacLeodRevelation
1985EcclesiastesD. MacLeodEcclesiastes
1985Matthew 13D. MacLeodMatthew
1985Jesus’ PromiseD. MacLeodJohn
1985The Power of True ReligionJ. G. Owen1 Timothy
1985God and a Hurting WorldD. MacLeodJob
1984Zwingli After 500 YearsD. MacLeodJohn, Matthew, Hebrews
1984Joy in JesusD. MacLeodPhilippians
1984New Covenant MinistryI. Rennie2 Corinthians
1984Effective EvangelismD. MacLeodActs
1984Sermon on the MountJ. G. OwenMatthew
1984RevelationJ. G. OwenRevelation
1984Toronto’s Sesqui YearD. MacLeodVarious
1983Thinking PositivelyD. MacLeodVarious
1983Greeting MessiahD. MacLeodIsaiah
1983The Unfinished TaskJ. H. Taylor IIIActs
1983Key WordsJ. G. Owen, D. MacLeodVarious
1983Jacob’s Traveler UnknownD. MacLeodGenesis
1983Christian AttitudesJ. G. OwenHebrews
1983On to MaturityJ. G. OwenVarious
1983Life in the SpiritD. MacLeod, J. G. OwenRomans
1982The Way ForwardJ. G. OwenHebrews
1982HebrewsJ. G. OwenHebrews
1982AmosD. MacLeod, J. G. OwenAmos
1982JudeM. DiGangiJude
1982John 17J. G. OwenJohn
1982Fear NotD. MacLeodLuke, Matthew, Revelation
1982Awaiting the KingD. MacLeod2 Thessalonians
1982Affirmations We Need TodayD. MacLeodEphesians, Acts, Romans, 2 Timothy
1982Jesus Christ is LordJ. G. OwenVarious
1982In the Shadow of the CrossJ. G. Owen, D. MacLeodJohn
1981What Child is This?D. MacLeod, J. G. OwenLuke
1981A Working FaithD. MacLeod, J. G. OwenJames
1981JonahD. MacLeod, J. G. OwenJonah
1981Waiting on GodD. MacLeodPsalm
1981Behold My ServantD. MacLeod, J. G. OwenIsaiah
1981Christ Is AllD. MacLeod, J. G. OwenColossians
1980Here We StandJ. G. Owen, D. MacLeodVarious
1980Abraham, Friend of GodJ. G. Owen, D. MacLeodGenesis
1980Christ’s Model for His People’s PrayersJ. G. OwenMatthew
19801st Corinthians 14J. G. Owen, G. Scharf1 Corinthians
19801st Corinthians 13J. G. Owen1 Corinthians
19801st Corinthians 12J. G. Owen, G. Scharf1 Corinthians
1979The Two Sauls in the BibleJ. G. Owen
1979SamuelJ. G. Owen1 Samuel
1979Watch Your Life and DoctrineG. ScharfVarious
1979Toronto Spiritual Life ConventionE. AlexanderEphesians
1978Apostles’ CreedJ. G. Owen, G. ScharfApostles’ Creed
1978MarkJ. G. Owen, G. ScharfMark
1978WorshipG. ScharfVarious
19782nd Peter 1J. G. Owen2 Peter
19782nd CorinthiansJ. G. Owen2 Corinthians
1978Add to Your FaithJ. G. Owen2 Peter
1978The Christians and…J. G. Owen, G. ScharfVarious
1978Antidotes to ApostasyJ. G. OwenHebrews
1977Hebrews: Leads into AntidotesJ. G. OwenHebrews
1977Peter’s FaithJ. G. Owen2 Peter
1977Church of the Living GodJ. G. Owen, G. ScharfVarious
1977The Psalm of the CrownM. DiGangiPsalm
1977Proverbs SeriesG. ScharfProverbs
1977Toronto Spiritual Life ConventionE. Alexander3 John, 2 Corinthians, Hebrews
1977GenesisJ. G. OwenGenesis
19761st John SeriesJ. G. Owen1 John
1976Some Basic IssuesJ. G. OwenVarious
1976Trials and TemptationsJ. G. OwenJames
1976The Fullness of the Holy SpiritJ. G. OwenEphesians, John, 1 Corinthians, Romans
1976A Prayer for the EphesiansJ. G. OwenEphesians
1976The Problem of Man in Every AgeJ. G. OwenEzekiel, 1 Peter
1976Eldership SeriesJ. G. OwenNumbers, Acts, 1 Timothy, Ephesians
1975Coping with FearJ. G. OwenVarious
1975A Living SacrificeJ. G. OwenRomans
1975PhilemonM. DiGangiPhilemon
1974From Simon to PeterJ. G. OwenMatthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts
1974An Apostolic ConfirmationJ. G. Owen1 Thessalonians
1974BeatitudesJ. G. OwenMatthew
1974CommunionI. YeaworthLuke
1974Acts 1-2I. YeaworthActs
1974Studies in ColossiansR. LongeneckerColossians
19741st Samuel 4-7G. Fish1 Samuel