Easter and Lent Series & Compilations

Sermons recordings from the Easter and Lent seasons can be found here. Series which have titles have been labelled accordingly. Links to a year without a series title are compilations of Easter themed sermons that were not recorded as part of a series.

Year and Title (if applicable)Featured SpeakersFocus Texts
2021N. RenaudJohn
2021: Stories Before the CrossN. Renaud, S. KendallMatthew, Luke
2020P. ReindersJohn
2020: Giving It UpN. Renaud, P. Reinders, P. JohansenIsaiah
2019P. Reinders, P. JohansenLuke, John
2019: LentP. Reinders, N. RenaudLuke
2018P. ReindersIsaiah, John
2017P. Johansen, N. Renaud, G. NelsonZechariah, Revelation, Isaiah, Mark, John
2017: The Crucifixion: Meditating on the Bigger PictureF. Rutledge, P. ReindersVarious
2016P. ReindersRomans
2015P. ReindersLuke
2015: The Seven Last Sayings of ChristP. Reinders, P. JohansenMark, Luke, John
2014P. ReindersMatthew, Isaiah, John, 1 Corinthians
2012P. Reinders, W. HancockMark, John, Colossians, Matthew
2012: Cross WalkingP. Reinders, P. JohansenMatthew, Mark, Luke
2011: Resurrection ResourcesP. JohansenLuke
2011P. Johansen, W. HancockJohn, Isaiah, Mark
2010W. Hancock, A. MacLeod, D. MacLeodMatthew, Mark, Luke, John, 1 Corinthians, Ephesians, 2 Kings
2010: Lenten JourneyVariousMatthew, Romans, Joshua, John
2009K. Livingston, W. HancockMatthew, Mark, John
2008: 40 Days of PurposeK. LivingstonVarious
2008K. Livingston, W. Hancock, A. MacLeodMark, Isaiah, John, Luke, Acts
2007K. Livingston, W. HancockLuke, John, 1 Corinthians
2006K. Livingston, W. Hancock, D. GoertzMark, Luke, John
2005K. Livingston, W. Hancock, J. MurrayIsaiah, Matthew, Mark, John, Acts, Psalm
2004K. Livingston, C. BrownJohn, Isaiah, Luke, Acts, Psalm, 2 Corinthians
2003K. Livingston, W. Hancock, J. HongMark, Luke, John
2003: Words from the CrossK. LivingstonPsalms, Matthew, Luke, John
2002: Resurrection AppearancesK. LivingstonJohn
2002K. Livingston, W. HancockMatthew, Mark, Luke, John, Exodus, Psalm
2001K. Livingston, W. HancockLuke, Mark, John, 1 Peter
2000M. DiGangi, V. Shepherd, A. McCombieLuke, Revelation
1999J. VissersMark
1998J. Vissers, W. HancockJohn, Isaiah, Matthew
1997: Crucial EncounterJ. VissersJohn, Matthew
1996I. Rennie, J. Vissers, P. McLeanMatthew, 1 Corinthians, John, 1 Peter
1996: Words from the CrossJ. VissersLuke, John, Mark
1995A. McCombie, M. DiGangiExodus, 1 Corinthians, Isaiah, Matthew, Mark, John
1994: Resurrection AppearancesE. McKinlayJohn
1994M. DiGangi, E. McKinlayMatthew, Mark, Luke, John
1993A. McCombie, M. DiGangiMatthew, Luke, 1 Corinthians
1992: Resurrection AppearancesA. McCombieJohn, Luke
1992I. Rennie, A. McCombieMark, Luke, John, 1 Corinthians
1991A. McCombieJohn
1989M. DiGangi, A. McCombieExodus, 1 Corinthians, Matthew, Mark
1988M. DiGangiMatthew
1988: The Sufferings of ChristM. DiGangiIsaiah
1987D. MacLeodMatthew, Mark, Luke, John, Romans
1986D. MacLeodJohn
1985J. G. OwenLuke
1984J. G. Owen1 Corinthians
1983J. G. Owen, D. MacLeodHebrews, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Romans
1982D. MacLeod, J. G. OwenZechariah, Matthew, 1 Corinthians
1982: In the Shadow of the CrossJ. G. Owen, D. MacLeodJohn
1981J. G. Owen, D. MacLeodRomans, Isaiah, Luke
1980G. ScharfLuke
1979J. G. Owen, G. ScharfLuke, Acts
1978J. G. Owen, G. ScharfLuke, Philippians, 1 Peter
1977J. G. OwenJohn, Matthew
1976J. G. OwenRomans, Luke
1975R. CrooksJohn
1974I. YeaworthLuke, Matthew