Christmas and Advent Series & Compilations

Sermons recordings from the Christmas and Advent seasons can be found here. Series which have titles have been labelled accordingly. Links to a year without a series title are compilations of Christmas themed sermons that were not recorded as part of a series.

Year and Title (if applicable)Featured SpeakersFocus Texts
2021: Giving in Our WaitingN. RenaudLuke, John, Isaiah, Exodus
2020: A People Who WaitVariousVarious
2019P. Reinders, P. JohansenPsalm, Luke, Matthew, Jeremiah
2019: Coming Home for ChristmasP. Reinders, N. Renaud, A. CampbellRuth
2018P. Reinders, P. JohansenMatthew, John, Isaiah
2017P. Reinders, P. JohansenJohn, Matthew, Luke
2017: Light into DarknessP. Reinders, P. Johansen, N. RenaudJohn
2016P. Reinders, P. JohansenMatthew, Isaiah, Luke
2015P. Reinders, P. Johansen, A. KimEphesians, 1 Timothy, 2 Corinthians, Titus, Luke, Matthew
2014P. Reinders, P. Johansen, A. Kim, N. RenaudLuke, Philippians
2013P. Johansen, A. KimLuke, Matthew, Micah
2012P. Reinders, P. Johansen, G. SoderholmJohn, 1 Samuel, Colossians, Ruth, Luke
2012: Jesus’ Family TreeP. ReindersMatthew, Genesis, Joshua, 2 Samuel
2011P. Johansen, W. HancockLuke, Colossians
2011: Responding to the IncarnationP. JohansenLuke, Matthew, Ruth
2010A. Kim, W. HancockMatthew, Luke
2010: The Ways the Word Comes to UsP. JohansenVarious
2009W. HancockPhilippians, Galatians
2009: The Songs of ChristmasK. LivingstonLuke, John
2008K. Livingston, D. Walker, A. MacLeod, D. MacLeodJohn, Luke, Isaiah, Genesis
2007H. Kouwenberg, K. Livingston, W. HancockMalachai, Luke, Acts
2007: In the Beginning Was the WordK. LivingstonJohn
2006K. Livingston, C. BrownTitus, John, Luke, Colossians
2005K. Livingston, J. HongLuke, John
2004J. Hong, W. Hancock, R. KennedyJohn, Matthew, Isaiah, Romans, Luke, Micah, Psalm
2004: Advent in Three TensesK. LivingstonIsaiah
2003K. Livingston, J. HongLuke, Philippians, John, Psalm
2002K. Livingston, W. Hancock, J. HongLuke, Deuteronomy, John, Revelation
2002: Preparing the WayK. LivingstonIsaiah
2001K. Livingston, R. Kennedy, W. Hancock, J. HongJohn, Isaiah
2000K. Livingston, J. Hong, W. HancockIsaiah, Matthew, Luke, Romans, 2 Corinthians
1999V. Shepherd, W. Hancock, J. Hong, E. McKinlayIsaiah, Luke, 1 Samuel, Matthew, Micah, Ephesians
1998: Christmas EncountersJ. VissersLuke, Matthew
1997M. DiGangi, W. HancockIsaiah, Luke
1996: Great ExpectationsJ. VissersGenesis, Isaiah, Luke, Titus
1995J. Vissers, A. McCombieIsaiah, Matthew, John, Luke, Jeremiah, 2 Corinthians
1994E. McKinlay, I RennieGenesis, John, Luke
1994: Name by Which He is KnownA. McCombieIsaiah, Luke, John
1993E. McKinlay, M. DiGangi, A. McCombieHebrews, 2 Corinthians, Matthew, Luke
1992M. DiGangi, T. Ellis, D. ScottMatthew, Genesis, Luke, John
1992: Advent SeriesA. McCombieIsaiah, Matthew, Hebrews
1991: The Christ ChildM. DiGangiJeremiah, Matthew, Isaiah, Micah, Luke, Galatians
1990: Our Nativity SceneM. DiGangiLuke, Matthew
1990M. DiGangiIsaiah, Psalm
1989M. DiGangi, A. McCombieGalatians, John, 1 Timothy
1988M. DiGangi, D. SherbinoIsaiah, Matthew, 1 John, Psalm, Galatians, Luke
1987M. DiGangiGenesis, Matthew, Psalm
1986D. MacLeod, M. DiGangiMicah, Philippians, Hebrews, Isaiah, Luke, John
1985J. G. OwenExodus, Matthew, Romans
1984J. G. OwenRomans, James, Hebrews, Luke
1983J. G. OwenSong of Songs, Hebrews, John
1982D. MacLeod, J. G. OwenAmos, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Romans
1981J. G. OwenJames
1981: What Child Is This?D. MacLeod, J. G. OwenLuke
1980J. G. Owen, D. MacLeodHebrews, Philippians, Psalm
1979J. G. Owen1 Corinthians, Revelation, Luke, Matthew, 1 Samuel, 2 Timothy
1978J. G. Owen, G. ScharfIsaiah, 2 Corinthians, 1 Timothy, Deuteronomy
1977J. G. Owen, G. Scharf1 Corinthians, Psalm, John, Philippians
1976J. G. Owen1 John, Luke, Matthew, John, 1 Timothy, Philippians
1975J. G. OwenJoshua, Luke, Psalm
1974J. G. OwenZephaniah