User Guide

Knox Sermon Archive contains over 4,000 sermons and counting, from the early 1960’s up to 2021. Due to the large volume of sermons and data, we’ve prepared a guide to help you navigate easily and find the sermons and series you’re looking for.

The Browse Archive page, allows users to filter through four sets of data: Series, Speakers, Topics, and Books. Clicking on a dropdown menu and selecting an item will display all sermons in the selected category starting with the most recent sermon at the top. To listen to a sermon, click the Listen button on the right side of the sermon box, then click the Play icon in the media player that appears at the top of the page.

  • Browse Series: Series in the dropdown appear newest to oldest in the list. Series that feature a primary speaker or speakers will be followed by the speaker name in parentheses. Users can also try a Series-only view of the database by selecting the Browse Series dropdown menu and clicking View Series Archive. This allows users to see a snapshot of each series, including the series title, start date, and number of messages. We realize, however, that both of these methods can be challenging to browse through. That is why we have constructed the Series Lists page, for a more clear, table view for browsing series, which you can learn more about below.
  • Browse Speakers: Selecting a speaker will bring up all sermons by that speaker. Our Speakers section provides additional information about Knox’s rich history of great speakers and senior pastors.
  • Browse Topics: We’ve opted to use this menu as a method of browsing through entire calendar years of sermons. With the objectives of preservation and archival, we thought a historical museum-like approach to browsing sermons may be useful and interesting to some users. Knox’s formal sermon logs and cassette tape recordings started in 1974, so the most complete calendar year starts there. In addition, a compilation of Dr. William Fitch’s sermons (senior pastor from 1955 to 1972), and a full listing of the Knox Summer Fellowship sermons from 1979 to 2010 are included.
  • Browse Book: This will display all sermons pertaining to the book of the Bible selected. The specific passage each sermon focuses on is listed in its information box. Unfortunately our current database isn’t sophisticated enough to search for specific passages, but it’s a feature we would love to add in the future if possible. For now, if you’re looking for a specific passage, feel free to browse through the Book results to your heart’s content.

The Series Lists page provides an index to more easily browse through series titles and other pertinent information in a table view. Along with the series title, information such as the year, speaker(s), and book references may be available. Our Series Lists will eventually include clickable links that bring the user directly to that specific series instantly.

If you have any questions about Knox Sermon Archives that were not answered in the above User Guide, please visit our FAQ section, or email us at